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NBA free agent rumors: Will Bynum's agent talking to Pistons

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Will Bynum has also been linked to the Chicago Bulls, because you know, he's from Chicago.


Shortly after the Pistons hired Maurice Cheeks, a source close to the New York Post said it was more likely the Pistons would re-sign veteran point guard Will Bynum because both he and Cheeks are from Chicago. Then the Pistons went and drafted a prototypical backup point guard, Peyton Siva, and it seemed like Bynum might be a goner. He was recently linked to the Bulls, because Chicago, and I was beginning to envision a roster without Bynum.

But Mark Bartelstein, Will Bynum's agent, is still exploring Bynum's future with the Pistons:

As long as Bynum remains unsigned and the Pistons are trying to re-sign Calderon, I don't doubt that Bartelstein will also try to sell his less desirable client onto the team. Maybe he will sell the two as a package deal. After all, I'd be okay with re-signing Bynum if it meant re-signing Calderon. Maybe Bynum will be the fall-back option after other guards make their decisions. Or maybe the Pistons have zero intention of re-signing Bynum, but they're humoring Bartelstein in the interest of Calderon. I don't know. Bartelstein also represents Mikki Moore and Kwame Browns - so what?

We'll keep you posted, but for those of you who haven't let it be known yet, would you be okay with the Pistons re-signing Bynum? What kind of deal, if any, would make you happy?