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Report: Dumars has called about Rudy Gay, Rajon Rondo

Interest in the players thought to be on the trading block has gone from speculative to confirmed.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports what we've all been speculating about -- if the Boston Celtics made Rajon Rondo available or the Toronto Raptors made Rudy Gay available the Pistons would be interested.

Danny Ainge has said publicly that the Celtics aren't rebuilding, and that he's not trading Rajon Rondo. Be that as it may, the Detroit Pistons have let it be known how to reach them if Ainge changes his mind.

In the aftermath of the Celtics' decision to ship Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn last week, the calls have been coming in -- chiefly, regarding Rondo. The logical assumption was that if the Celtics didn't want to pay Doc Rivers $7 million to coach a rebuilding team, and if Garnett and Pierce didn't fit into those plans, either, then Rondo would be the next to go.

Based on that possibility, the Pistons were among the first teams to reach out to the Celtics and express interest in acquiring Rondo, the All-Star point guard who is coming off an ACL injury, league sources told Having already made lucrative pitches to free agents Josh Smith and Andre Iguodala, Pistons president Joe Dumars also has registered interest in Raptors forward Rudy Gay, one source said.

As we've discussed before, Rondo, coming off an ACL injury, might be too expensive (think Greg Monroe), and Gay is extremely overpaid given his mediocre production.

That being said, both players would represent significant (in Rondo's case extremely significant) upgrades at the small forward and point guard positions. Also, both are on two-year deals, which is a positive for Gay but a negative for Rondo.

For Gay, he will be massively overpaid but it could be better to overpay Gay for two years than overpay Josh Smith for four years.

Rondo, meanwhile, is coming off an ACL injury and won't be ready to start the season so any trade will net 1.5 seasons of Rajon instead of two. Is a valuable asset worth 1.5 seasons of anybody?

Also interesting to note from the same report is that the Indiana Pacers have made Danny Granger available for trade. This was expected following the Pacers reaching an agreement to bring back David West.