Praise for Will Bynum's New Deal


from "top understated signings of free agency" at Will Bynum, Detroit Pistons (two years, $5.7 million) Though Bynum, 30, isn’t a three-point shooter and stands on the wrong side of his physical prime, this is still a cut-rate deal because of his remarkable success as a pick-and-roll practitioner in a pick-and-roll league. Bynum, who averaged 18.8 points and 6.8 assists per 36 minutes last season, made life easy for Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe by slipping past the first line of defense and into the lane. He figures to do the same for Josh Smith next season as the Pistons build out their offense and look to space the floor more effectively. That’s great news for Bynum, who did some fine work off the dribble despite most often sharing the court with only two league-average shooters. (there's video there too!)