The Hit List: Whom The Detroit Pistons SHOULD Target (Pt. II)

Chris Graythen

Yesterday, we finished strong at the end of the first half of our hit list, listing Jose Calderon - possibly Detroit's best option at its highest priority position of need. Please check out the first part of this article, the 2013 Detroit Pistons Offseason Hit List (DPOHL) <-- (this is an Internet link I would like you to click upon if you haven't read the article yet), for more details. Find part 3 of the series here.

For reference's sake, here is a reminder of what I believe the Piston's player position priorities should be as they make moves.

Roster Priority Tree (RPT# - Ex., Jose Calderon is a roster priority tree position 1, or RPT1, player, because I believe we would want him to be our starting point guard. Sensible?)

  1. Starting PG
  2. Starting SF
  3. Backup PG
  4. Backup PF
  5. Backup SF
  6. Backup C
  7. Third SG

And here are the principles I think they should adhere to this year:

  • This team belongs to Drummond and Monroe; bring in players to complement them. That means outside shooters and good defenders.
  • Ball movement can be a real strength if we accentuate it. Good passers complement everyone, including Drumroe, but they will also give us an identity because Monroe is so good in this area.
  • The Pistons are not yet in their prime; they need more youth or the right veteran contracts. Get young guys who will grow into their prime with Drumroe or whose contracts will expire with Monroe's or Drummond's (and, thus, the summer of Kevin Durant).
  • It's better to be choosers than beggars. Be selective. Don't just sign guys who are available this year; use the space we have as leverage to get the guys who actually fit whether they are free agents right now or not.
  • So, without further ado - haven't we all had ado enough? - back to:

    The Hit List - Part II

    Golden State Warriors

    Houston Rockets

    Indiana Pacers

    Los Angeles Clippers

    Now that Bledsoe is gone, whom I didn't want here anyway (though I would have liked the Pistons to be in on a three-way deal and gotten two second-rounders to facilitate if we had something to contribute), no one from L.A. really seems to fit here. DeAndre Jordan costs too much with a contract that is a year too short for a guy to come of the bench to come off the bench to defend and rebound. Of course, if Doc were just giving him away to make room for Dwight, it would be interesting to think about - but still an ultimate "no."

    Los Angeles Lakers

    • RPT2: Earl Clark: Finally got a chance to shine for the Lakers; reminds me of in JJ in body type; I would want to see him start at the SF spot because I think that's where he presents a real advantage defensively

    Memphis Grizzlies

    Miami Heat

    Do YOU want to pay Mike Miller $5 M to be your third shooting guard? Do you want to pay Mike Miller $5 USD to be your third shooting guard? I didn't think so. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    Milwaukee Bucks

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    New Orleans Pelicans

    • RPT1: Greivis Vasquez: Again, big PGs. Also, young, great passer, decent shooter, too many TOs, but damn

    *** End Part II ***

    Author's note: And again, the hour growth late, thus ends our Empire Strikes Back middle episode of The Hit List. One more session will get it done, so for the holiday here in the States (sorry, Rudy Gay), tune in tomorrow, our Independence Day (SORRY, RUDY GAY), for the epic conclusion (might be too epic, even for the most epic of you - but not as epic as this).

    And thank you all for your even more epic comments and feedback so far. I say that having only read the first encouraging one. I only JUST saw that there are now 12 more. *gulp* I'm going to go change my shorts and hope Kriz doesn't beat me u-



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