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NBA Summer League 2013: Pistons vs. Nets

Detroit's Summer League action starts at 5p EST today.

Jason Miller

Pistons vs. Nets

Tip: 5:00 EST

How to see it: NBA TV or downloadable gizmo

The Pistons' promising draft class joins Andre Drummond, Kyle Singler, Kim English, Khris Middleton and CTRL-V and, well, filler. Drummond is not expected to log heavy minutes, in anticipation of the USA basketball mini-camp later this month.

Here's a quick rundown of things to look for.

Does Tony Mitchell show up?

The biggest concerns around Tony Mitchell concern not his talent, but his ability to stay interested in the game. A meaningless Summer League game will be a good test of whether or not he is going to take this seriously.

Does Kentavious have NBA range?

Based on his college profile, the three point shot projects to figure heavily into KCP's arsenal. His ability to transition to the longer distance will say a lot about whether he thrives at the NBA level.

Can Siva run the offense?

That's a bit broad, but I think the spotlight is on Siva in the coming months. The starting point guard position is a major question mark at this juncture, and it's clear at this point the Pistons are going to need contributions from Peyton Siva in some capacity.

Can Kim English get it together?

English kinda forgot how to shoot last year. Was it a case of a rookie contending with an unpredictable role on the team, or were his Missouri numbers simply a function of the Tigers' hyper-efficient offense? I'd like to see him take a lead role as a scorer in summer league.

A couple points to consider:

As a general rule, dominating Summer League indicates relatively little (famously so, around these parts). However, a poor Summer League showing tends to be cause for concern. Simply put, NBA caliber players should dominate the competition, but doing so doesn't necessarily equate to stardom.

The minute allocations should tell us something about how the Pistons' organization regards these players. If KCP has a shot at the starting job, you would certainly expect him to start today. If the Pistons are serious about giving Tony Mitchell a chance to thrive, you will see serious minutes for him today, and perhaps even a starting role.

There are enough bad players on the floor that even the good ones are going to look bad. Keep an eye on the box scores, which will tell you more about how the players are doing than the general ebb and flow of what is essentially and amateur pickup game.

What are you looking forward to during Summer League action? Still hungover from the Josh Smith signing? Don't take it out on your family. Take it out in the comments section!