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2013 NBA free agency rumors: Pistons have offer out to Will Bynum

Are we ready for more MFWB in our lives? Is the lane about to get even more congested in Detroit?


The Detroit Pistons have an offer on the table to retain Will Bynum's services, though nothing has been agreed to yet, according to ESPNNewYork writer Jared Zwerling (H/T to DBB reader TDP who had it first in comments).

Bynum had been on the New York Knick's radar but if Bynum wants to return to Motown he can.

Looking at this development from a positive angle, something could be said for consistency. Bynum didn't play great last season (especially early), but he did do the most point guardy things on the roster until Jose Calderon showed up, and then he developed some excellent lob chemistry with Andre Drummond.

But on the flip side, this is so much more of the same I want to pull my hair out.

At the start of the offseason it looked like a major changing of the guard at point guard in Detroit. Last year's opening night starter Brandon Knight had been switched to shooting guard, former point guard of the future Rodney Stuckey looked destined to be wearing another uniform, the ultra-efficienct Calderon was going to sign a multi-year deal to return to Detroit, and all was right with the world.

But as it stands now, if this deal goes through, our point guard rotation looks like it will be Brandon Knight, Will Bynum, Rodney Stuckey and late second-round draft pick Peyton Siva.

This move would also do nothing to open up the offense, as Bynum has never developed a reliable perimeter shot and does his work mostly in the lanes.