The Highs and Lows of Josh Smith


So lets get this out of the way: his shot selection was abysmal—there was some devil perched atop his left shoulder whispering about the sexiness of bricked 18-footers and pull-up jumpers, and for some reason, he listened. He put a chink in his efficiency, lowering his field goal percentage with every ill advised upchuck. Aside from that well documented flaw, Smith was about as complete a player as one can be, but that didn’t stop the onslaught from the public or the hilarious "boo!"s that accompanied every outside shot. He didn’t deserve half of the heat laid at his doorstep, but he received the complaints with class, even if he maintained a stubborn resilience to continue his questionable shot selection.

Daniel Christian of Peachtree Hoops reflects on Josh Smith's career in Atlanta.