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Charlie Villanueva won't play for Dominican national team

After being called fat and slow by his national team's head coach last summer, Charlie Villanueva has opted against trying to represent the Dominican Republic at the FIBA Americas Championship in August.


Charlie Villanueva announced Tuesday that he will not attempt to play on the Dominican national team during the FIBA Americas Championship, which takes place in Venezuela from Aug. 20 - Sept. 1. Villanueva revealed the news with a series of tweets:

Even though he's making it sound like he's stepping back, it's not clear this was Villanueva's choice to make. If you recall, he tried and failed to make the team last year -- DR's head coach John Calipari sent him home, telling reporters, "he was not in good form," accusing him of being "overweight" and saying "we could not slow down the entire team" by including him. Villanueva denied being out of shape, but the episode nevertheless preceded a season in which he posted career-low marks in scoring and rebounding.

Now in a contract year, Villanueva is determined to redeem himself -- whether that's in Detroit or elsewhere. The Pistons have steadfastly refused to amnesty his contract up to this point, but they did attempt to package him in a trade for Rudy Gay.