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NBA Free Agency: Pistons unlikely to sign Jason Collins

Detroit News reports that the Pistons prefer to sign a player younger than Collins, who would be first openly gay NBA player if he was to sign.

Bruce Bennett

While it has been reported that the Detroit Pistons had opened a dialogue with free agent center Jason Collins, the Detroit News is reporting the team is unlikely to sign the veteran center, who would also be the first openly gay player in the NBA if he were to step on the floor next season.

But two sources with knowledge of the Pistons' plans told The News that Collins is not being seriously considered.

The Pistons are looking at several potential bigs to back up Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond, and they prefer one younger than Collins, 34, who is near the end of his career.

This will probably excite and bum out an equal number of Pistons fans. Many were not enthusiastic about signing Collins, not necessarily because he is openly gay, but because his production doesn't warrant a roster spot. Others thought there would be worse ways to use the 15th roster spot and said they would be honored if the Pistons were the team to field the first openly gay player in one of the four major professional sports.