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Andre Drummond: A Tale of Twitter Love

Pistons big man has aced social media since he was drafted. But is it now also allowing him to find love.


For all those cold, cynical bastards that are slugging back  endless cups of coffee, cursing the start of a new work week and filling out their TPS reports, I bring to you a tale of love.

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond has captured the hearts and minds of fans everywhere not only with his impressive feats on the court but also his adept use of social media to interact with fans and just be the silly 19 year old (now 20) that he is.

Exhibit AExhibit BExhibit CExhibit D.

But now that power might be used to find true love.

As chronicled at Hardwood Paroxysm, Andre Drummond recently declared his love for Jennette McCurdy, a young actress who starred in Nickelodeon shows Sam & Cat and iCarly. In fact, iCarly debuted in 2007 when young Drummond was just 15 years old.

What follows is a few Women Crush Wednesday (#WCW) posts, an entire legion of followers trying to forge this love connection and mutual following and perhaps even a date on Nov. 17 when the Pistons are in Los Angeles.

The thing is just so damned adorable.