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Top 10 plays in Chauncey Billups' Pistons career

As Detroit gets ready to welcome back Mr. Big Shot, let's look at what he accomplished in his first go-round.


Mr. Big Shot is back.

Chauncey Billups might not be the player he once was when he steps back onto the floor at the Palace of Auburn Hills but I am excited nonetheless. Billups was my favorite Pistons player during the championship era and I'm happy to have him back so he can end his career in Detroit and perhaps propel the Pistons back to the playoffs.

Billups has spent much of the past two seasons recovering from an Achilles injury that limited him to 42 games in two season with the Clippers. Still, I have a feeling he is going to be a contributor in Detroit with his ability to make timely passes, take care of the ball and hit from the perimeter. It was the recipe that made him such a success in his first stint in Motown.

To prove that point, take a look at the team's release of the top 10 plays (moments, really) in Billups' career as a Detroit Piston. You see everything that made him such a great player including plenty of game-winning buckets. The ease with which he could break his man down off the dribble, his ability to finish in the lane, his penchant for getting separation on his jumper and his ability to hit from deep. His clutch shooting was somewhat overblown in Detroit (nobody remembers the misses, after all) but damn, seeing these clips is awesome.

I especially enjoyed the dominating performance against Orlando and the epic overtime game against New Jersey. What was your favorite Chauncey Billups play? Is anything missing from the list?