Coming to grips: Greg Monroe could be traded


I didn't used to think so, but then I read this in Zach Lowe's interview of Dumars:

How much does Greg Monroe need to improve his pick-and-roll defense for you to get comfortable? Are the criticisms of his defense fair?

When we talk to Greg, we talk about defense — how you have to step your game up and become a better defender, guard in the pick-and-roll better, be a better post defender. It’s not a secret. It's nothing we shy away from. Some of our guys may have a hole in their game, and we don’t duck that. Greg knows, and it's something we emphasize with him, that he really needs to keep in his mind: move your feet, contain that pick-and-roll.

Have you seen progress over his three seasons?

Some. Defense is about effort and commitment. When you have great footwork on the offensive end, you should have great footwork on the defensive end. And if you don't see that great footwork on the defensive end, it's about concentration and effort.

This seems to me to be the first time Dumars has been publicly critical of Moose. Reading between the lines, you could interpret Dumars as saying, "We try to get Greg to work harder on defense, but he doesn't care that much. He's more concerned about his offense. If he would just try, there's no reason he wouldn't be a good defender."

Add to that the fact that he Dumars didn't include Monroe with Drummond in untouchable status, I think that Josh Smith could be an insurance policy for having to trade Monroe. If Smith works out as a 3, great, we'll keep our BIG 3 frontcourt.

If not, knowing David Falk's (Monroe's agent) attitude toward getting his guys the max regardless of which team is offering it, I won't be surprised if Monroe is wearing a different uniform next year.

Anyone else putting these pieces together the same way I am? Or am I looking at the wrong picture to solve my puzzle?

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