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Top 50 Pistons of all time

HoopsHype put out its list of the 50 greatest Pistons of all time. Lets all agree that we all disagree about the order of this list.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Lists are fun and largely pointless. It's nearly impossible to quantify who is better than who spanning different eras. But it's also nearly impossible not to get sucked in and figure out what the listmaker got right -- and more importantly, what they got wrong.

With that in mind, I point you to HoopsHype's list of the Top 50 Players in Pistons History. The only piece of analysis given is that the list was compiled "based on performance and accomplishments while with the Pistons."

Accompanying each photo you get the name of the player, his years with the team, points per game and rebounds or assists per game. Pretty simple stuff.

And looking at the list, it looks like tenure was prized more more than actual impact while a member of the Pistons. I won't list all 50 but I'll share the top 10. It will become glaringly obvious that the list has ... issues.

10. Tayshaun Prince
09. Richard Hamilton
08. Grant Hill
07. Dennis Rodman
06. Chauncey Billups
05. Bill Laimbeer
04. Bob Lanier
03. Dave Bing
02. Joe Dumars
01. Isiah Thomas

That's right. No Ben Wallace. Ben freaking Wallace comes in at No. 11. List immediately invalidated. Game Over. Try again.

But just because this top 50 list is flawed doesn't mean we can't spend some offseason brain cells onwho should be on the list. Who would be in your top 10?