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DeAndre Jordan recreates dunk over (cardboard) Brandon Knight

This time no teammates were there to scrape Knight up from the floor.

Stephen Dunn

Brandon Knight is never going to live down the dunk by DeAndre Jordan that "killed" him.

DeAndre Jordan recreated the dunk on SportsNation on Wednesday over a cardboard version of Knight. It looked similar enough. Jordan hammered down the oop and Knight wound up flattened on the ground.


I can't imagine Knight, now a Milwaukee Buck, will very much appreciate the stare down over his lifeless cardboard body. That wasn't in the script.

The subsequent stank face was a little bit off, too:



Knight took the play in stride, joking about it after the game, but I can't help but think Jordan may have pulled a scab here. As Matt Watson said in an email with the above GIFs (courtesy of USA Today), "this is just mean."

Knight's Bucks play Jordan's Clippers for the first time this season on January 27. Will Knight really jump again? Will he issue pay back?