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Pistons' trio get high marks in Rookie Survey

Every year the rookie class is asked to evaluate its own. The Pistons rookie trio earned high marks -- especially Peyton Siva.

Remember that rookie photo shoot where Tony Mitchell was dunking two balls, Peyton Siva was hitting half-court shots and everyone smiled for the camera? Well, also happening during that time was the annual Rookie Survey. They filled out ballots on their peers in the rookie class, and respondents were plenty impressed  with the Detroit Pistons trio of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (8th pick), Tony Mitchell (37th) and especially Peyton Siva (56th).

Despite having 55 players drafted ahead of him, Siva was named on the ballot of six questions (the most of any player). Both Caldwell-Pope and Mitchell were named on three ballots.

No Pistons player was tabbed to be in the running for rookie of the year, (that honor went to C.J. McCollum and Victor Oladipo in a tie, with Kelly Olynyk, Trey Burke and Ben McLemore rounding out the top five).

Unsurprisingly, the No. 1 vote-getter for "Which rookies is most athletic?" was Tony Mitchell with 47.2 percent of the vote. Both KCP and Siva also received votes.

Siva tied for fifth place on the question, "Which rookie is being most overlooked?" with KCP and Tony Mitchell also receiving votes.

For "Which rookie is the best playmaker?" Siva finished third. While Mitchell placed fifth for funniest rookie, and KCP was named as one of the best defenders.

How predictive are the results of this vaunted survey? Well, you can go back and look at previous years. Just last season Andre Drummond got a scant two mentions (tied for 4th on most athletic and honorable mention on best defender), while former Piston Kim English got recognized for best career, most overlooked, best shooter and best defender (he placed above Drummond).

The year before that, Greg Monroe was not one of the 10 names mentioned for rookie of the year and placed sixth in best career behind the likes of Evan Turner, Derrick Favors and tied with Wesley Johnson.

So, yeah, not very.