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Tony Mitchell: Future slam dunk champion

A Vine of the Pistons rookie going to work is a beautiful sight to behold.

Just watch this. Tony Mitchell is an athletic marvel, there is no denying that. We saw it in abundance in his freshman year and flashes as a sophomore at North Texas and as a member of the Detroit Pistons during Orlando Summer League.

He could jump out of the gym and throw it down with force. Now, Mitchell is putting the rest of the league on notice thanks to a Vine that has been spreading throughout Twitter.

Mitchell and other rookies are at the NBA rookie photoshoot and aren't putting their time in a gym to waste.

Does this mean that we have a current slam dunk champion on our hands? Well, it was just about three years ago when another former Piston player pulled the same feat -- Terrico White.

White dazzled photo shoot attendees with some monster dunks. And then he promptly broke his foot and never played in an NBA game. Let's hope that Mitchell doesn't follow White's path THAT closely.

With a logjam at the forward positions its unclear if we can expect much playing time for Tony Mitchell this season so we might as well soak up all the amazing dunks that we can. Then next year the official Tony Mitchell for NBA Slam Dunk contest campaign can begin.

UPDATE: Peyton Siva decided he wasn't going to let Tony Mitchell have all the fun.