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Peyton Siva hits backwards half court shot

As far as we know, Siva is shooting 100-percent on backwards half court shots in an NBA uniform. Useful shot.

First it was Tony Mitchell's display of hops, which could very well help him win a slam dunk contest in his future, and now it's fellow rookie Peyton Siva showing off this backwards half court shot making the rounds on the internet. Sean posted it as an update in the Mitchell post, but I feel like it deserves its own recognition.

Fresh off inking his name to his first NBA contract, Siva put on his fresh Pistons No. 34 and took part in the NBA rookie photo shoot this week. It was there he and other rookies did some trick shots with the cameras rolling. Siva's backwards half court shot was nothing but net, prompting Ben McLemore to brush off his shoulders.

Your turn, Kentavious.