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Andre Drummond and Michael Buble's message for Jennette McCurdy

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Oh god I'm sorry I hope that's the last time I use those three names in the same headline ...

Canadian crooner Michael Buble performed at the Palace on Tuesday, after which this happened:

But what's better than a personalized Vine?

A Facetime conversation:

And this fulfills our monthly Andrennete McCummond quota. Yay.

(For real, though: do you guys actually care about this stuff? I mean, I'm really happy for Drummond: he's parlayed his budding NBA fame into a blossoming relationship with a childhood crush ... and then parlayed that crush into even more fame. Build that brand, Dre -- being young, talented and famous is supposed to be fun. But did I suddenly turn into an old man, or is this something you actually want to talk about? Vote in this important poll below, the future of DBB is in your hands.)