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5 Things to Watch: Detroit Pistons

Sheridan Hoops is asking bloggers to pen previews for all 30 NBA teams. Detroit Bad Boys' five things to watch should sound awfully familiar to regular readers.


Sheridan Hoops is publishing previews for each team in the NBA, and it's piece on the Detroit Pistons, penned by yours truly, was released today.

This year, writers listed five things to watch for each team. For those following the Pistons closely all five will sound awfully familiar. Here is an excerpt to whet your appetite and a list of the five things to look for. Click over to get an explanation for each.

Will this new roster be enough to propel a team that hasn't won more than 30 games since 2009 into the playoffs?Who knows. But the Pistons should be a heck of a lot more fun to watch.

The team is a rare mix of supreme talent and questionable fit. If it works, the Pistons could challenge for a five seed in the Eastern Conference. If it fails, Dumars will be looking for a new job. This season might not be pretty, but the Pistons should be on the top of everyone's League Pass must-watch list.

  1. Josh Smith's shot selection
  2. Andre Drummond's ascension
  3. Will real point guard play transform the Pistons?
  4. Spacing issues
  5. Greg Monroe