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Datome shines, Jerebko struggles in opening night of Eurobasket

Detroit's pair of international forwards are being asked to lead their teams.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Eurobasket 2013 kicked off Wednesday and two members of the Detroit Pistons participated -- with dramatically different results. Forwards Luigi Datome and Jonas Jerebko were both asked to lead their teams, Italy and Sweden, respectively, and while Datome was dominant in a victory, Jerebko was frustrated and largely ineffective in a lopsided defeat.

I didn't get a chance to watch the games today, but they are all available archived on ESPN, and after reading about Datome's performance I think I'm about to fire it up. Datome did it all for Italy in his team's 76-69 victory over Russia. Datome scored a game-high 25 points and snared eight rebounds.

Despite being the obvious first option of Italy's offense, Datome was able to connect on 6 of 9 two-point shots, three of four 3-point shots and all four free throws he attempted.

Jerebko, meanwhile, struggled in Sweden's lopsided 79-51 defeat against Greece. Sweden is one of the weaker teams competing in the Eurobasket tournament, with only Jerebko and Charlotte Bobcat Jeffrey Taylor serious threats on offense.

Jerebko finished with eight points on 3 of 8 from the field.

"The Greek team is good and you have to play good for 40 minutes and not just the first quarter. They were better today. We gotta have everybody playing at the top of their game to beat a team like Greece," Jerebko said as reported at the Eurobasket website.

And while Jerebko had a game to forget, NBA watchers are going to remember Datome if he delivers more performances like the one he turned in Wednesday.

Here are how some DBBers put it earlier today:

The Boourns:

gigi is looking like a guy who will be playing 25 mpg at sf for us next year.12 points, 5 boards at the half

Leading team in both and raining tramps with belinelli.


Conclusion for now:

-can smoothly throw round objects over long distances with precision
-moves well with and without the ball
-always active
-above average ball handling skills 
-good basketball IQ
-hair and beard style that rivals that of Daniel Bryan
-leadership on floor

AFK: getting more Kool-Aid


Yah Gigi killed it,

He hit everything he threw up and only needed an inch to get his shot off... and damn that shot looked good.

--- snip ----

That guy is lethal, I loved his jab step turnaround fadeaway, I saw that shot at least twice from the free throw line.. hes definitely got tricks in his bag... also took it the rim for his first bucket.

Sweden's next game tips off Thursday at 8:20 a.m. EST where it will face Finland. Italy will play Turkey and will tip off at 11:35 a.m. EST.