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Rodney Stuckey injury: Time off heals Stuckey's injured shoulder

Rodney Stuckey says the shoulder that has been bothering him for the past month is strong and he's 'ready to go.'

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

For the past month, Rodney Stuckey has been day to day with a sore right shoulder. After injuring the shoulder in the Portland game, Stuckey couldn't lift it the next day and subsequently had an MRI, which fortunately revealed no structural damage. He's been in and out of the lineup since that time, missing five of the last 13 games, and he hasn't been particularly productive in any but roughly two of the games in which he has played.

That could all change when the Pistons start playing meaningful basketball again on Friday, though. Despite stating a week ago that the shoulder would likely bother him all year, Stuckey insists he's all healed after the team's long layoff [via MLIVE]:

"It's healed," Stuckey said. "I'm happy where I'm at right now. I feel strong. I feel like myself again. Just happy to get my strength back.

"I don't know what it was. I think I did something with my bursa sac. Any type of resistance or pressure, it would cause a lot of pain and hurt and stuff like that.

"We had a good four days or practice. I felt good. We practiced hard. We'll be ready to play tomorrow. I'm ready to go."

Prior to injuring his shoulder, it seemed Stuckey was settling into his off-the-bench role rather well. He had scored in double figures in all but four of his first 22 games and was averaging 17 points on 55 TS% in his last 16 games, a span during which the Pistons went 9-7. In the team's most recent 13 games, though, Stuckey missed five and played poor and injured in the others. The Pistons were 5-8 in those games and had to mount impressive second-half comebacks in two of the wins.

If Stuckey in fact feels like himself and is ready to go as he says, the Pistons will get a bit of a boost.