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Pistons news: Butt bumps and misunderstanding Josh Smith's game

The Pistons are back in action on Friday against the Utah Jazz. It's their first game since last Saturday. Let's knock off the cobwebs with some links around the interwebs.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

First, some recent stuff from DBB:

-- Rodney Stuckey says he's all healed and should be ready to go on Friday against the Jazz. This is certainly beneficial to the Pistons.

-- Rev provided an awesome updated look at the Drummond vs. Howard comparison. Drummond fares well.

-- Sean took a look at the emergence of rookie Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

-- Ben answered some questions for the Spanish DBB.


-- At Grantland, Zach Lowe says The Pistons Shouldn’t Be This Bad in a very good article wherein he suggests one way of fixing things is to trade ... JOSH SMITH. But ... but ... he's our No. 1 Power Forward!

-- Feel like piling on Josh Smith? I don't, but you might. He said the below [via Freep]:

"It's easy to use me as a scapegoat," he told USA TODAY Sports. "Because I do so much on the court and I'm so passionate about winning and because I'm a competitor, my game can get misunderstood by people who don't understand."

Okayyyy, killlll him (figuratively).

-- Terry Foster at The Detroit News wonders if the Pistons would be better with Michigan's TREY BURKE! DBB knows the answer to that one. First-hand look at Burke on Friday night.

-- At halftime of a game last week, Brandon Jennings was on pace to break the record for assists in a single game (30) set by his former coach, Scott Skiles, but Jennings sucked in the second half. Coincidentally, there is a song about their relationship in Milwaukee. For real. [H/T MichiganBillsFan84 for posting in the FanShots]

-- Did you know Coach in the show 'New Girl' is a Pistons fan? Apparently a 'Pistons butt bump' is a thing we Pistons fans do. Good show.

-- Everybody watches 'The Bachelor', right? Cassandra Ferguson, one of the 27 contestants for Juan Pablo, is a former Pistons cheerleader and ... she has a child with Rodney Stuckey!

-- Mo Cheeks on Andre Drummond's playing time. Match ups and such.

-- Here are The Most Unenthusiastic Detroit Pistons Introductions You May Ever See via Need4Sheed.


-- The Rockets followed up a 79-point first half with a 19-point second half. NBA record for point differential.

-- The Heat have lost three straight and Greg Oden dunked without breaking anything. NBApocalypse.

-- How do you feel about the NBA All-Star jerseys? It seems most do not like.

-- What do you think about this?

24 to go, including the Pistons.

-- Jameer Nelson picked up a $15,000 tab for his big marbles dance after hitting a clutch shot against the Bulls.

-- Speaking of fines, Mark Cuban would like one more before David Stern retires.

What else you got?