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Pistons vs. Jazz second-half GameThread

The Pistons are a bit rusty after their five-day break, trailing the Utah Jazz by 13, 58-45. Also: TREY BURKE!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Rodney Stuckey looked healthy in the first half, scoring 16 on 7-for-10 shooting. He was one of the only bright spots, though. The Utah Jazz shot an uncharacteristic 7 for 16 (44%) from three and dropped 58 points behind 15 from Enes Kanter. As Keith Langlois pointed out, they average 6 threes per game this season. Yes, the Pistons' perimeter defense is nothing short of atrocious.

Andre Drummond blocked 3 shots and grabbed 9 rebounds in 20 minutes, but only has 3 points. Josh Smith and Greg Monroe are a combined 2 for 11, both shooting outside their range tonight. The first half ended fittingly with Smith clanking a three.

Trey Burke's return to Michigan hasn't been great. He had a couple quick turnovers out of the gate, is shooting 3 for 10 and has 3 turnovers opposite his 5 assists.

Let's see what happens in the second half -- this is your GameThread.