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Pistons blow-out loss to Jazz after 5 days off was 'unexplainable'

He's not speaking out of his cheeks (or maybe he is); he is Cheeks. Maurice Cheeks and Andre Drummond break down the Pistons' embarrassing 110-89 loss to the Jazz on Friday night.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Maurice Cheeks:

On the loss [via]: "It was unexplainable to me. Maybe the days off affected us in terms of getting up and down the floor, continue playing the way we had practiced for the last four days. Maybe it was just that we were off so long."

On lineups:  "I was just looking for something else. Nothing was working. We weren't getting anything done. They were scoring at will. We just weren't getting a whole lot done so I had to try and change something up. I had to do something different. That's what I was trying to do."

On missed opportunity early [via MLIVE]: "We could've easily been up eight, 10 points [after the first quarter], but the way we did not run them off the line, the way we missed a lot of easy shots early on, they made a run and we just never recovered after that run."

Andre Drummond:

On loss: "We just weren't ready to play tonight. We came out hot in the beginning, we played well, and then like what's been happening in the second half we fall asleep and came out with a loss."

On offensive rhythm affecting defense: "When something doesn't go right on one end of the floor, either offense or defense, it trickles over to the other side,"

On Jazz defense: "They played good defense, it's a great team. We just couldn't get into a good rhythm, get ourselves going and try to pull ourselves back."

On bouncing back 24 hours later: "We don't have a choice. We can't dwell on a loss; all it's going to do is make it worse if we keep thinking about it. We play again tomorrow, got to get prepared for that game."