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2014 NBA All-Star game rosters: Andre Drummond deserves spot

Drummond will be in New Orleans as a super sophomore for the Rising Stars Challenge, but he deserves an invitation to play in the 2014 All-Star Game.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The starters for the NBA All-Star game were revealed on Thursday evening on TNT. They were voted in by the fans, which explains why you will see Kobe Bryant in there:

WEST: Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love and Stephen Curry (Go Cats.)

EAST: LeBron James, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Kyrie Irving.

The reserves will be voted in, too, but by the coaches, who will have a week to deliberate. Seven more lucky names will ultimately be selected and it is my holy-wholly unbiased belief that Andre Drummond deserves a spot.

Drummond, who is currently one of only 10 Eastern Conference players to be selected to have a shot at the Olympic roster, is already one of the game's best centers and arguably the best under 25. He's 20!

Because he's so young, there are plenty of years for Drummond to be an All Star -- Dwight Howard wasn't an All Star until his third season -- and there will be arguments that his time will come. Be patient young grasshopper, the blind people will say. Well, it's come, and look, he's a MFpenguin, not a grasshopper.

I won't try to convince you with the irresistible numbers; I won't go into detail about how he's first in the entire NBA in offensive rebounds, second in double-doubles, third in total rebounds, third in field goal percentage, third in dunks, fifth in production per 48 minutes and seventh in blocks per game. This is a family blog, so I'll stop there. I won't disparage his competition by calling them ugly names. Joakim Noah and Anderson Verejao? Really?

I just think Drummond belongs because he exudes All Star, and I want whatever Michael Bublé wants.

I rest my case.