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Pistons vs. Grizzlies final score: Detroit's dominated in second half, lose fifth straight at home

The Pistons scored only 28 points in the second half, losing another stinker, 112-84.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

What happened:

28 points, an American comedy-drama film starring Sandra Bullock. The Pistons scored 11 points in the third quarter and then only 17 in the fourth quarter for a 28-point total in the final 24 minutes of the game. They scored more points in the second quarter alone. I've had flatulence after exotic food less offensively pungent. Sorry if that offends you more than the Pistons right now.

Our favorite team actually looked great in the first half, shooting close to 50 percent and holding the Grizzlies to under 40 percent, and leading by five at the break, 56-51. Greg Monroe had as many shots as Josh Smith (11), Andre Drummond had a double-double already (11 and 11), and Brandon Jennings, despite shooting poorly, had nine assists opposite 2 turnovers.

The second half, as they tend to be, was a flipped script, though. The Pistons shot 31 percent while allowing the Griz to shoot 56 percent. Monroe and Drummond's shot attempts were cut in half and everybody else not named Kentavious Caldwell-Pope missed most, if not all of, theirs.

The loss was the Pistons' fifth in a row at home and their sixth straight to the Grizzlies at The Palace (no wonder the fans don't show up) . It's the team's sixth loss in the last seven games and 10th in their last 13. Something ain't right, obviously.

What stood out:

The second half, as discussed above. One of DBB's best, MrHappyMushroom, recently pointed out that the Pistons' success seems to hinge most on the play of Brandon Jennings. Well, after nine assists in the first half, he had two in the second half. Sure, an assist requires the recipient of the pass to make his shot, but it's fairly clear that when he gets less point guardy, the Pistons suffer. It doesn't help when he shoots 2 for 14 and misses all of his three-point attempts.

Very little help exists behind Jennings, too, and Cheeks wouldn't know how to put out a small fire if he was given a bucket of water. The Pistons' bench was outscored 52-19!!!

When opponents don't have to worry about the threat of outside shooting, they can put extra efforts on the big men inside. In the first half, the Pistons grabbed 9 offensive rebounds; in the second, the total was only 3 despite having more opportunities.

Who stood out:

Jon Leuer scored a game-high 23 points, although most were in the first half when the Pistons were still playing well.


-- Drummond picked up his fourth foul (and a tech) early in the third and had to sit until the fourth. While he was out, the Griz went on a 16-5 run, but you could sense the collapse coming anyway (Griz had already taken the lead with 12-6 start to quarter).

-- Drummond leads the East in double-doubles (24).

-- Jennings is 11-for-his-last-43 shooting per's recap.

-- Box Score

-- The Pistons have a three-game road trip starting on Tuesday at MSG, where they have lost seven straight. Oh good.

-- Roll Call wasn't working at the time of publication -- sorry! I will update this post when it's baaaack.

Your thoughts?