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Josh Smith airballs 18-foot game-winning attempt

J-Stooge Josh Smith'd it.

If you missed Tuesday night's game against the New York Knicks, you may have instead caught the score on the bottom ticker or seen a box score that also prominently featured Josh Smith's final line: 21 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. Seems pretty good, and he was actually pretty good -- if you ignore the fact he turned the ball over 8 (!!) times and chucked up a long, whiffing two on the team's biggest possession of the game. Pretty good.

The very thing that infuriates fans the most, Josh Smith did.

With the Pistons trailing by a point and a chance to steal a win, Josh Smith decided it would be a fantastic idea to force a long two-point attempt with a hand in his face and eight seconds left on the shot clock. Never mind the fact he shoots under 30-percent from where he opted to pull.

So, yeah, he airballed. And with that, every single remaining "Josh Smith's a Piston!" fan should have been crushed by that falling shot, and it's all Joe Dumars' fault.

[video via SI]