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Kevin Durant out 6-8 weeks, could miss Pistons games

Bad basketball news on Sunday, and it could mean the Pistons don't play against the reigning MVP this season.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder announced on Sunday that the NBA's reigning MVP, Kevin Durant, has a Jones fracture in his right foot. Below is the Thunder's press release:

"After practice yesterday, Kevin made us aware of discomfort in his right foot. We proceeded to perform the necessary imaging studies to determine the cause of his discomfort. At this stage, Kevin has been diagnosed with a Jones fracture. Traditional treatment of this injury requires a surgical procedure and recent NBA cases have resulted in a return to play in 6-8 weeks. We are in the process of collaboratively evaluating the most appropriate next steps with Kevin, his representatives, and Thunder medical personnel. Until a course of action is determined, we are unable to provide a timeline specific to Kevin's case."

Obviously, an injury like this is terrible for basketball and fans alike; it's also bad for any Pistons fans who wanted to see their favorite team compete against the best. But, fact is, if Durant is indeed out 6-8 weeks, he will definitely be sidelined for the Pistons' first game against the Thunder this season on Friday, Nov. 14. The Pistons' second and only other game against the Thunder this season -- until the finals, right? -- is exactly eight weeks from today, Dec. 7.

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for KD. I personally would like to see him play against the Pistons on Dec. 7 -- and shoot 2-for-20.