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Will Bynum always deserved better than the Detroit Pistons

And the Pistons always needed a guard different than Will Bynum.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Bynumite era is over with the news that the Detroit Pistons have traded Will Bynum to the Boston Celtics for reserve big man Joel Anthony.

The Bynumite era in Detroit lasted 353 games over six seasons averaging 8.2 points and 3.3 assists. As an undrafted player out of Georgia Tech, he'll have earned $17 million in the NBA by the end of the season. And his Pistons career started out with a lot of promise -- yet another overseas gem unearthed by Joe Dumars who could be a spark plug off the bench as the Pistons continued its playoff run.

Bynum was a third or fourth banana who was forced by the sheer ineptitude of others to take on too much responsibility.

And, truthfully, Bynum played his part. Even as a shoot-first point guard, he knew how to distribute the ball. He was an aggressor and could push the pace. The trouble was that the team collapsed around him. Bynum would have succeeded as a perpetrator playing alongside quality shooters and players.

He had the ability to put players in a position to succeed and knock down shots while also being a scoring threat himself. But the Pistons didn't put quality shooters around him. They didn't put much of quality anything around him, actually.

And Bynum wasn't a player that you wanted to be the offensive focal point on the floor. He was a third or fourth banana who was forced by others' sheer ineptitude to take on too much responsibility. And he struggled.

The Pistons and Bynum were not a good match these past few years, and he obviously didn't fit well into what new coach and personnel man Stan Van Gundy wanted out of his point guards. It's best for Bynum and best for the Pistons to part ways. And on the right team, I think Bynum could be successful. Put him on the Bulls or the Blazers and he could thrive.

Even as Bynum struggled in Detroit, however, he never complained or become a locker room problem. He put his head down and did his work. And he delivered a lot of great moments. Here are some specific highlights that came to mind as soon as the news came down that he was going to Boston.

Pistons vs. Bobcats: April 5, 2009

Career-High 32 points including 26 in the fourth quarter. Still a team record.

Pistons vs. Hawks: Dec. 26, 2012

Bynum leads a one-man comeback against the Atlanta Hawks, including 26 in the fourth quarter and OT.

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