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Pistons media day notebook

Unleashing all the other bits of news I gathered during media day.

Detroit Bad Boys has covered media day from multiple angles so far, but there is even more information I couldn't fit snugly into its own unique story. Blame my day job. With that in mind I thought I'd do some quick hits of info that hasn't been discussed yet. Enjoy.

Stan Van Gundy on Spencer Dinwiddie

He’s been good. He’s been able to do a lot. He just hasn't been able to do anything live so it’s been hard to get an evaluation basketball wise. But health wise  his recovery has been great. Arnie Kander (physical therapist) has been done a tremendous tremendous job in his rehab. He’s joined in a lot of stuff conditioning-wise and everything else. The good part is he’s been able do things where we’re teaching. So whenever he’s able to go full speed health-wise, he’s going to know what’s going on.

He can actually start getting to activity and start doing some live stuff but he’s not going to be in every drill every day and that’s when he’ll be back. When Jon (Ishop, director of sports medicine/head athletic trainer) and Arnie say that he can go every day in everything you do, that’s when you start considering him as part of your team fighting for a rotation. Now he’s a guy rehabbing and trying to get back and learning.

Van Gundy on Jonas Jerebko

Nobody put more time in here this summer than Jonas did. And because of his play with the national team in years’ past, he’s never been able to devote as much time in his own development, in his own game. He’s gotten stronger. He’s in tremendous shape. He’s got to get back to what he was when he first got into the league; that hungry guy playing with incredible energy trying to make his spot. There’s a difference between being an energy and effort guy who can make some shots or just trying to play like a shooter and not bringing the other component. He looks like a guy who is committed to being back, being a high-energy guy.

Josh Smith forgetting his first three years in Atlanta

I haven't played the three (small forward) since I played in the NBA, so it was kind of a foreign position to me; so I was kind of uncomfortable. But I'm not going to use that as (an excuse) as to why my numbers went down. But it was very challenging.

Smith on what he learned last season

I learned that I do well with adversity. You probably couldn't tell on the outside looking that things were happening. But I try and act one way and not really let anybody see what’s going on, and trying be that good spirit and trying to stay positive.

Brandon Jennings on his weight gain

I think more on the defensive end it's going to help a lot; fighting through screens and being tougher. And offensively, it's going to help me hold up more through the season.

Jennings' assessment of last year

I definitely didn't do my job last year. It was actually one of the most embarrassing seasons ever, especially with the talent that we had.

We really didn't have that unity. We didn't have that family. This year, we’re definitely just going to have to hold each other accountable. And that goes for myself and the last guy on the bench.