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Detroit Pistons news: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Singler and getting fit for basketball

Layup lines! There is Pistons basketball for which we need to ready ourselves!

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not afraid to overuse the above clip when we're back. We're back. NBA season is back and the Pistons will be back this season.

I'm so damn soberly sure the Pistons will be back. Not at all surly. Stan Van Gundy has given me a reason to be excited about the future of Pistons basketball. There seems to be a clear path forward when in the past there were trick roads with no treats at the end. (Happy Halloween!) Deep down I'll always be an optimist, however blind it may be. I eat up all the bullshit that's served to me. I ask for seconds and thirds and diabetes. Optimism now, though, is probably well-founded healthy optimism, and I've been conscious about my sugar intake. The Pistons are getting whipped into shape, undergoing the Van Gundy transformation, and it will be less shitty for me, for us all.  Is it a mistake to be optimistic? Did you say steak? I'm hungry. How you?

- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is so ready for the season that he's dunking on people in practice and not even bothering to take names. He will start at shooting guard vs. the Nuggets.

- In the same link above, Stan Van Gundy was asked about his lineup when Greg Monroe returns from his two-game suspension and this is what he had to say:

"Saturday night? Holy cow - I'm worried about tonight."

- About tonight... don't be a stiff and check out Denver Stiffs. They'll have their take on the game. Here is the season preview for the Nuggets.

- Kyle Singler says the team's motivated to stay away from trouble:

"The guys that have been here, we've seen trouble," Kyle Singler said. "We've seen what it's like not to win. So in that regard, we want to get to being in a place where we can call ourselves a winning basketball team. I think that's, in itself, kind of motivation. That should drive us to want to play winning basketball."

- If you missed our previews of the 2014-2015 Pistons, you should really check them out here.

- The Pistons start the season at No. 20 in the NBA power rankings. The Pistons will always be No. 1 in Liam's Pistons Power Rankings.

- Sean has an interesting take on the Pistons' 2014-2015 quest: Be like Charlotte.

- I'm excited about DBB having sneaker coverage. These Isiah Thomas retro kicks: Want.

- Ever read Hooper's sign and think, "Do they?"

- Speaking of Van Gundy whipping the Pistons into shape earlier, Jason will be around later with a very special drinking fitness regimen to follow throughout the season. Make sure you check back for that.


Anthony Davis is good. Yeah. Yeah. Make sure you check out the Andre Drummond preview.

- Real bummer debut: Lakers rookie Julius Randle broke his leg.

Dwight Howard elbowed Kobe Bryant. Bryant called Howard soft.

The Spurs, man.

Now, your regular season basketball thoughts.