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Josh Smith calls Kenneth Faried a clown

You're not making yourself look any better, J-SMOOVE.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Smith shot the Detroit Pistons out of the game in their opener against the Denver Nuggets. Kenneth Faried, who was matched up with Smith for much of the night, noted this in his post-game interview. Should he have said that? Maybe not, but he wasn't necessarily wrong.

Smith was asked about Faried's comments before Thursday night's game in Minnesota. Smith seemingly lost his cool:

"I don't respond to nobody that has dreadlocks and plays basketball," Smith said. "I don't respond to people like that. The man's a clown, man. Quote me on that, too."

Good thing he said "quote me on that." It's now quoted on MLIVE and all over the internet. Smith, a liar, didn't stop there unfortunately:

"In order to make comments like that, you've got to be able to back it up, man. And we're going to see what happens next time. ... I'm gonna have some words while I'm bustin' his ass, you know what I'm saying? While I'm bustin' his ass. I back up what I talk. So it's going to be a pretty good matchup. [...]

"He fears me," Smith said. "He's scared of me. So of course he's going to talk about me in the newspaper. He's not going to do it to my face. If you've got to hide behind a smart phone or a microphone or a recorder, so be it."

Smith also said he laughed at Faried's comments. Faried is going to read these J-SMOOVE quotes, laugh his damn dreadlocks off and probably make a joke about how Smith bricks shots to reporters, too.

After talking all tough to the smart phones or mics or recorders about the guy in dreadlocks who put up 22 and 17 for the winning team, Smith let his play on the court continue to do the talking for him on Thursday night to the tune of 5-for-16 shooting, including one of the most infuriating, ill-timed three-pointers in the history of the second game of the season, and a team-worst minus-16 plus-minus.

The Pistons play the Nuggets again at The Palace on Feb. 6. Let's hope Smith is traded by then so we don't have to witness the insanity continue.

H/T to W. Stones for posting in the FanShots