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Stan Van Gundy's rotation is scripted for Pistons preseason opener

Stan Van Gundy spoke with the media in advance of the Detroit Pistons' preseason opener against the Chicago Bulls, saying that the number one thing he's looking for is how hard his team competes. Also, don't read too much into the rotation this early, since he's heading into the game with a script that won't be dictated by actual game situations.

The videos below come courtesy of Dave Pemberton of the Oakland Press (give him a follow: @drpemberton), with quick transcriptions by me.

"I think that we've obviously got to be able guard people, we've got to have things to go do offensively, so we've got to have some different things," Van Gundy said. "Right now I'm not concerned with any of that, I just to see us compete, that's more than anything. And the second thing would be to execute, obviously.

"But I want to see how competitive we'll be, how hard we'll play. To me, if we do that tonight, preseason game one, if I come away really really happy with the effort, even if too many mistakes and things like that, I'll go out of here pretty happy."

"Barring injury or major, major foul trouble, tonight's pretty scripted, as will be Thursday night," Van Gundy said. "I'm not playing game situations or anything. I've got my substitions mapped out, because I also want to manage minutes.

"Even yesterday, we went about three hours and 15 minutes, we went about an hour and a half this morning in the walkthrough. So we're getting close to 30 hours on the court -- these guys are pretty tired, we haven't rested them. So we'll try to keep guys down to 24-27 minutes, somewhere in there tonight. They've played more than that in some of our scrimmages, but we'll try to split it up a little better tonight."