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Bulls announcers have no clue what Pinterest is

"But hey, somewhere someone's got it."


#ChicagoBulls announcers have no idea what #Pinterest is... Or how to pronounce it

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In the first quarter of the Pistons-Bulls preseason game, Bulls play-by-play man Neil Funk gave a shoutout to the Chicago Bulls social medias and completely failed at pronouncing Pinterest. Funk and color guy Stacey King could not figure it out and genuinely appear to not have a clue what it is. Good luck following the Bulls' "Pine-rest" page.

Uhhhh, hello!? It's what my wife's on every night when I'm watching Pistons games. In fact, she's on it right now as I type this.

Seriously, though, I had no idea the Pistons have a Pinterest page, so I'm going to give it a follow. Andre Drummond really knows how to pin, too.

Do you have a Pinterest page? At least you know what it is and how to read, though, right?