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Pistons vs. Magic final score: Pistons outclassed by Magic, fall 107-93

The Pistons didn't look good in almost any phase of the game as they drop another vs. the Orlando Magic.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons are not a playoff team. They are not a good team. They are not even an average team.

They are a bad team. Right now, they are a very bad team. So it's no surprise that the Orlando Magic were able to pull away late and coast to a 107-93 victory. They did this behind superior ball movement from everyone on their roster. Each player was either a threat to sink one from the perimeter or cut to the basket and finish in the lane.

Magic coach Jacques Vaughn and each player had at least one assist. Six players had at least three assists. The team as a whole had 33. They also sunk 13 of 26 from deep. That happens when you have quality shooters that are always a threat to sink shots.

The Pistons, despite shooting 45 percent from 3 themselves, do not have those kind of threats. And that is why they don't have that kind of passing. They have maybe three players playing consistently good basketball -- Brandon Jennings, Caron Butler and Greg Monroe.

Tonight, however, Monroe didn't have it, and when one of your limited offensive cogs has a bad night it's nearly impossible for such a sub par offense to function effectively.

Not helping matters was another mostly listless performance from Andre Drummond, who shot some ugly shots and had some ugly turnovers in the first half. He caught fire in the early part of the fourth but it was short lived and the Pistons offense largely short-circuited in the final quarter again. Drummond again struggled on defense despite a couple nifty blocks.

So far this season, Drummond has been a hue negative on offense and a huge negative on defense. Unsurprisingly, the Pistons aren't winning a lot and aren't playing well when he was on the floor.

The Pistons were limited to 17 points and had absolutely no flow on offense in the fourth quarter. If you a symbol of how bad things were for Detroit, listen to the crowd's reaction as Smith slowly decides the best thing would be for him to shoot a 3-pointer here.

And the sad part is, it's not like the Pistons offense was doing anything appreciably better than this Smith shot. Nobody was doing anything. It was truly a disgusting display of basketball.

The Pistons' lone highlights were another strong game from Jennings (18 points, six assists and five triples) and Butler (20 points), who singlehandedly kept the Pistons in the game in the third quarter.

This was as ugly as it gets, folks, and Van Gundy is going to have to figure out something soon up to and including benching one of Drummond and Smith and rejiggering his rotation.

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