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Josh Smith benched after verbal exchange with Stan Van Gundy

Josh Smith only took five shots in the game and did not play a single minute in the fourth quarter. Those are both good things.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

While Smith did not play a single minute in the fourth quarter during Wednesday night's loss to the Phoenix Suns, it might not be for all the right reasons:

The Bynum-Cheeks and Player-Kuester verbal exchanges were reportedly really bad, so it's good we've separated this Smith-Van Gundy exchange from the ugly past. Maybe they were just talking and it was worth noting because they couldn't seem to control the volume of their voices.

Whatever exchange Smith-Van Gundy had -- MLIVE called it a "jawing session" -- it was a constructive one, because Smith did not play a single minute after it. The only concern is that they patch things up and Smith goes back to shooting and playing too much.

Now your thoughts.