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KCP responds to Markieff Morris, SVG wonders why Morris is 'mouthing off'

Suns and Pistons play again Dec. 12.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The war of words between Markieff Morris and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope continued Thursday, with KCP answering Morris' post-game barb and Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy even getting his own jabs in.

After the Suns escaped The Palace with an 88-86 victory Wednesday, with KCP's possible go-ahead 3-pointer rimming out, Morris went after the Pistons second-year guard to the media.

"Caldwell-Pope got it and you know he doesn't have any heart, so we knew he was going to miss," Morris said.

Morris, of course, neglected to mention the 3-pointer KCP hit to spark the Pistons' nine-point run and the 3 he hit to give the Pistons an 86.-85 lead.

When asked about the comments, Caldwell-Pope was mostly diplomatic.

"I'll keep it at heart," he said, via MLive. "That's his opinion. I know what I can do and how I carry myself. So that's his opinion on me. It is what it is."

But one person who was willing to jump into the verbal fray was Van Gundy.

"I'm not quite sure -- maybe he knows -- I'm not quite sure what Markieff Morris has accomplished in the league that gets him to the point of mouthing off," Van Gundy said, according to MLive. "I mean, I don't like the mouthing off anyway. It seems to me you should at least participate in a playoff game before you do. But maybe not, maybe that's not the standard anymore."

The two players were jawing at each other earlier in the game after KCP drew a charging foul on Morris. The young players went face-to-face before being separated by referees with each getting a technical foul.

But Van Gundy said he wasn't mad about the technical foul, and was, in fact, happy to see his player step up to the challenge.


"I thought KCP was ready to go," [Van Gundy] grinned. "You like that. You like having to pull a guy away a little bit. If we would have all just walked away - referees, us included - KCP was ready to go. He wasn't backing down from anything."

While this is likely the end of the war of words, the two players get a chance to settle it on the court when the Suns and Pistons meet again Dec. 12 in Phoenix.