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An outsider's view on the Detroit Pistons

A referee at my social league who hails from America gave me his candid opinion on the state of affairs in Motown.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

So as some of you know, I play in a league on Monday nights.  Last game I scored 14 points, all five field goals were layups, and 4-5 from FT.  Anyway, one of the referees there is an African-American gentleman who hails from the States, but where exactly I don't know.  He's in his early 30s, I believe, and he saw me wearing my Pistons cap as I was getting ready to leave after my game. This is how it went down:

"Those Pistons are a mess at the moment, aren't they?"

He then proceeded to appraise several of the players on the team (not all), and what he thought their roles should be.

Brandon Jennings: Microwave.  He said no team can be successful when both Smith and Jennings are taking the shots.  After I informed him that Jennings was shooting a career best .438 from the field and .391 from three, he said, "those are good?"  I said for him they were, and he had an A:TO ratio about 6:2.  However, his opinion is that Jennings is still a microwave off the bench.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: Sucks.  That was his opinion.

Kyle Singler: Trash.  That was all that was said.

Greg Monroe: Real player, miscast on this team.  He should be one of the key players on offense, and that can't happen with Smith around.

Andre Drummond: Future of the franchise, but again, suffering because of Smith.

Josh Smith: This was interesting.  Obviously he knows that Smith is not a three, as anyone else who isn't AFI knows.  However, he also said that Smith has to shoot when he's cast in that role, because of Monroe and Drummond.  He said it's not a good plan, but if that's how they're gonna play, then that's what happens.  He said that he should exclusively be a four coming off the bench with Drummond and Monroe starting.

D.J. Augustin: He said Augustin was a "real player".  He said that things are run more smoothly with Augustin out there than Jennings, and stated that he felt Augustin should start.  He pointed to the things he did with Chicago and said that when given the opportunity, he makes things happen.  Even after I said he was shooting 21% from three, dribbles the ball a lot and doesn't pass, he still said that Augustin was the better PG and should start over Jennings.

No opinion: Cartier Martin, Jodie Meeks, Spencer Dinwiddie, Joel Anthony, Gigi Datome, Tony Mitchell, Jonas Jerebko, Caron Butler

He also said that, now that the team has a respected, good coach, there are no excuses for this team.  Do you agree with my referee friend's appraisals?  Have your say below.