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Pistons vs. Bucks highlights: Andre Drummond got his groove back

Watch Andre Drummond catch some lobs.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

One of the positives in Tuesday night's 98-86 Pistons loss was that Andre Drummond saw a healthy serving of lobs and executed 11-of-15 shots for 23 points en route to one of his best games of the young season. In the first quarter alone I counted four Drummond lobs, three of which were successful. You can check out all of Drummond's shots in the interactive box score by clicking on the shiny 11 he made.

This was a really special moment:

Wet plays can cause slippery areas on the court -- Boy. Mop!

Assuming Drummond continues to score at a more efficient clip, and not at the 39-percent rate he was at entering Tuesday night's game, the Pistons will find themselves in a lot more games. (He also needs to stay out of foul trouble, which he has been doing for the most part of late.) Eventually they might even win some games. Either way, the Pistons are a lot more fun to watch when Drummond is dunking.

Let Dre dunk.

Now your thoughts.