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Kentavious Caldwell-Pope shows a hearty pulse in win vs. Suns

Markieff Morris was not making any suggestions after Friday night's game about Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's heart.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

After the Nov. 19 loss to the Phoenix Suns in which Kentavious Caldwell-Pope missed a game winner with a few seconds left in the game, Suns forward Markieff Morris said that he knew KCP was going to miss the shot because 'you know he doesn't have any heart.' KCP took the high road, indirectly disagreeing by stating that he would keep Morris' words at heart.

Friday night was Pope's first chance to stick his chest out and show there was something beating inside it. Pope did not disappoint with a destructive high volume game like 'competitors' tend to do to prove something. Instead, Pope was admirably efficient and propelled the team when they needed him most.

The pith of Pope's 14-point performance on nine shots came in the fourth quarter, when he dropped a quarter high 10, including a clutch three in front of the Suns bench to put the Pistons up 100-97 with 1:13 remaining.

After Pope hit that shot, you knew he was going to sneak a peak back at the Suns bench (quote via MLIVE):

"I did kind of look at the bench, or whatever, man, just to let them know I do have heart. I will take that shot any day," Caldwell-Pope said.

In other words, "I cried at the end of Marley & Me, so eff you."

Watch KCP's highlights here: