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NBA Trade Rumors: Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings both on the block

Try and hide your surprise.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

When your team is 5-19 it shouldn't come as a surprise that players are on the block. When your team is 5-19 and your two highest paid players are struggling then it really shouldn't be a surprise when they are on the trading block.

And guess what, Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings are reportedly on the trading block, per the excellent Howard Beck of Bleacher Report.

Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings, Detroit

New Pistons president Stan Van Gundy needs to trade one or both of these guys if he wants to preserve the sanity of new Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy. Both are firmly on the block, per rival executives.

NBA trade season unofficially kicks off today as players who signed new deals in the offseason are officially eligible to be traded starting today.

This shouldn't really be a big surprise and it certainly doesn't mean anything is imminent as the Pistons aren't in a position to give away a sweetener like a first-round pick to get one or both players off the team and the market for both is ... extremely limited.

For what it's worth, Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press believes at this point the Pistons would be forced to attach a first-round pick in any Smith trade and the team, wisely, is unwilling to do that right now.

But for despondent fans that just because, you know, Smith is playing all the minutes and getting all the shots and having the offense run through him, that Van Gundy actually wants to build an entire offensive system around him long term. This notion is apparently not true and Smith is firmly on the block. As he probably should be.