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DBB sits down with Home Court Vantage podcast

Talk Smith, Stan Van Gundy, the depressing present and the slightly less depressing future.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I had the privilege of being a guest on Andrew Schlecht's podcast Home Court Vantage where we talked about just about every player on the roster.

As with most interviews about the Pistons, everyone assumes Greg Monroe is on the way out without realizing the complicated mechanisms that make it difficult to trade Monroe and his incentive for staying put. Whereas it took me 800 words to explain that ordeal in our Greg Monroe trade post, I think I was able to explain it in just a few seconds on the spur of the moment on the podcast.

We also discuss Josh Smith's destructive nature and just what Stan Van Gundy is thinking when he puts him on the floor. We also discuss the myriad shooting woes facing the Pistons and just how it might improve.

Unsurprisingly based on my description, the episode is titled Detroit Sad Boys. I didn't feel very sad talking about the Pistons, but then again I'm never sad talking about the Pistons. It's a sickness.