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NBA trade rumors: Greg Monroe annoyed by 'completely false' report

Greg Monroe continues to learn stuff about himself through reports in the media.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

So, yeah, that Sean Deveney Sporting News report that Sean called BS on? Greg Monroe's annoyed with it:

"To say I was unhappy, losing 13 in a row, you can say that about everybody on the team," Monroe said. "Nobody's happy when you lose 13 games in a row. But as far as where [Deveney] took it, that was completely false, and it's really, like, ridiculous to have to come in here and answer questions like this." [...]

"Especially right now, lose 13 straight, finally get a couple games, then you've got to come in here and hear this while you're getting ready for a game," he said. "At this point, it's definitely annoying, because we're trying to turn things around right here, right now, and I've got to come in here and answer something that I've got absolutely nothing to do with, that I know I didn't say." [...]

"If [the Pistons] feel the need to come to me, obviously, I would have to have that discussion," he said. "But that discussion would have to be initiated by them. It would never be initiated by me."

David Mayo's story has more, so you should go read it, but that's the gist. Greg Monroe has not requested a trade and absolutely would not approve almost anything. It simply doesn't make sense for him to do that.

Stan Van Gundy also shot down the report (via the Detroit Free Press):

"I don't know where that stuff comes from," Van Gundy said. "We haven't talked to anybody about trading Greg Monroe."

While that report is definitely more plausible, I'm still holding out hope that Van Gundy is not AFI and will do whatever it takes to get Moose to re-sign next summer. Monroe has already indicated that he is open to it.

Now your thoughts.