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Brandon Jennings doesn't take wide-open layup, misses jumper instead

Brandon Jennings has made a huge mistake.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

If you were on Twitter during the game, you probably saw this Vine or some form of it being retweeted over and over again.

If you missed it, you can watch it over and over again until you're dizzy here:

Man, that looks really bad. It appears as if Jennings takes a peak back and thus, should have been able to see that he was wide the fuck open for an easy layup. Instead, he takes one dribble out and creates a much more difficult shot for himself, a quick turnaround jumper. Like, he consciously thought that a wide open right-handed layup just wasn't going to work and decided that he needed some space away from the basket. IDIIIIIOT.

But I doubt he felt in that very moment that he was as wide open as he was, as open as we could all see comfortably on our televisions. Try to contain yourselves. The small guard was running at game speed through the middle, got a pass with his back to the basket and probably sensed a shoe-blocking big man named Tyson Chandler close by. The senselessly quick dribble out and turnaround jumper makes this look much worse than it probably is, as does the fact it's Brandon Jennings -- swag -- but he shouldn't be getting killed for "passing up" a wide-open layup. I mean, c'mon, this wasn't Josh Smith.

Also, nice pass.

Now your thoughts.