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Andre Drummond's flagrant foul on James Johnson caused a stir

Andre Drummond finally had enough of James Johnson, who had just dunked on him the trip before.

Andre Drummond picked up a flagrant foul in the middle of the fourth quarter on Friday night when he hip checked and put an elbow into James Johnson as Johnson attempted to drive the lane for a fourth time in the quarter and after just posterizing Drummond the possession before.

This almost caused an all-out brawl, resulting in a bunch of large men pointing fingers and being held back. There were four technical fouls issued -- Chuck Hayes, Patrick Patterson, Greg Monroe and of course, Andre Drummond picked up Ts. A fan was even ejected during this scuffle for a verbal altercation with Josh Smith.

In the recap I incorrectly said, "in true Bad Boys fashion" when describing Drummond's flagrant foul. The difference between Andre Drummond's flagrant foul in the fourth quarter and the Bad Boys? The Bad Boys wouldn't wait until the other team had put up 50-plus points on them in the paint. They'd set the tone early in the game and protect the paint, instilling fear in any opponent who dared enter. This Pistons team doesn't belong in the same sentence. I've blasphemed.

It was nice to see Drummond put up a fight for a team with little of it, but it was inconsequential (if you don't count the technicals and the mini-scuffle) and mostly a cheap shot out of frustration from being embarrassed.

Drummond could be seen mouthing, "Do something" to one of the Raptors players as players were being held back. As craigdetroit said in the GameThread, uh, Dre, they did. Johnson had the dunk of the week in your eye the possession before (many thanks to KCP for that). The Raptors scored 60 points in the paint. They won by 10 and it wasn't even that close. Their fans wanted to show up and yours did not.

They did something.