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James Johnson was reportedly 'lurking' for Andre Drummond after the game

James Johnson got decked by Andre Drummond in the heat of basketball and Johnson was not happy about it.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Drummond didn't like James Johnson cocking back and banging on him, peacocking down the court afterward and more than likely felt even more embarrassed that his team was getting their asses handed to them in front of a lot of Raptors fans in their own building.

Well, Johnson didn't like the flagrant foul. As you know, Johnson immediately got up and went after Drummond and several players had to be held back from getting at each other. Johnson's displeasure didn't end there, though. According to Terry Foster at The Detroit News, Johnson appeared to want more after the game:

But Johnson wasn't in a happy mood afterward and was seen lurking near the court where the Pistons exit and near the loading dock where the teams exit. He was escorted away by teammates.

This was seven game minutes and more real-time minutes later. If true, Johnson was obviously still upset and needing to be escorted away by teammates doesn't sound like he was looking for another handshake. (Drummond claimed to shake hands with Johnson after the game and a Raptors media guy corroborated, adding that there were no hard feelings between the two.)

As many people have already mentioned, Johnson is not somebody you want to mess with. He's a black belt nicknamed Bloodsport, undefeated in MMA fights, and carries with him some far more serious alleged anger issues. Yeah, none of that really matters on a basketball court, but we've seen stuff at The Palace that we thought we'd never see. Luckily, nothing escalated and it was just basketball, man.