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Spencer Dinwiddie singing 'happy birthday' to Josh Smith

They're certainly staying loose.

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Josh Smith is a human being with feelings and by golly people (might) like him, and I'm sure he'd really like to enjoy his birthday(s). I sincerely hope he enjoyed his birthday today. I'm sure shirtless rookie Spencer Dinwiddie videotaped below helped, not stone-cold mustachioed rookie Spencer Dinwiddie pictured above:

Thank you for your delayed performance @sdinwiddie_2508 ! You guys liked it?

Un video pubblicato da @gigidatome in data:

I'm posting this because it's kind of funny and definitely entertaining, but I now want to highlight the amazing community we have here... and attack others. One of the first comments I read in response to Jason's great analysis earlier today was this from CheerstolilWayne:

Ok so as much as i dislike him as a b-ball player
He hasn't done anything off the court to make me feel the same. So Happy Birthday big guy!

There were many others like that.

Compare the general intelligence you'll read in the comments here to what you typically get on the Detroit Pistons' Instagram:

This is why we are 3 and 16


you think they would be practicing smhh

Shake your hopeless head about something else. Yes, they skipped practice to record this video. Stay off Instagram in class -- and my lawn.

Happy Birthday, Josh Smith. No special pastries here.