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Pistons vs. Thunder preview: Will it ever end?

The Pistons look to snap 11 game losing streak against recovering Thunder.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Game Vitals

Where: The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI

When: 6:00 p.m. EST

Watch: Fox Sports Detroit

Slapdash Analysis

The Pistons face the Thunder at exactly the wrong time. OKC is getting healthy and because of the injury fueled rough start to the season must quickly make up ground in the brutal Western Conference. If you think we've hit rock bottom, well, as revken spelled out in gruesome detail, you are probably wrong.

More Analysis of Ugh

The Pistons free-fall continues apace.

The frightful SVG minute allocation zombie that might have been killed after the Celtics game has sprung back to life, and it's no longer in its old school, slow shuffling form, but in the frenzied, 21st century 28 Days Later style. Josh Smith playing 48 (to be fair, mostly good) minutes the game after Pistons fans finally saw what a Monroe/Drummond frontcourt could do with actual perimeter players surrounding them. And in fact, in the Celtics game those perimeter players shot horribly! And the line-up still basically worked!

There's really just not much more to say about the whole situation. The Pistons seem determined to consistently force feed Smith and KCP major minutes, and stubbornly refuse to change a game plan that has seen inefficient players hoist large numbers of shots.

At this point there's very little reason to examine the Pistons opposition. The odds are they have better players at multiple positions and a more coherent plan.

OKC is probably still somewhat vulnerable as Durant works his way back into shape, and their bigs have underperformed this season, especially Ibaka. So... I guess, yeah there's a chance.

Players to Watch

Pistons: Greg Monroe. OKC has a number of large athletic bigs to throw at Drummond, but Monroe's craftiness in the post could be a difference maker.

Thunder: Kevin Durant. yep. If KD gets his groove back, the Pistons don't have much of a chance.

Communal Question

Okafor or Mudiay?