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Ben Wallace's SUV involved in hit-and-run accident in Virginia, according to report

It was a one-car accident, and it doesn't appear that anyone was hurt. It's unclear who was driving the car.

An SUV belonging to former Pistons center Ben Wallace and his wife was apparently involved in a one-car accident in Henrico County, Virginia early Saturday morning. From WTVR, the CBS affiliate for Richmond, Va.:

Silverio Acosta said he dialed 911 after he heard a loud boom around 2 a.m. at his home off Gaskins Rd. near Peppertree Dr.

When Acosta went outside to see what happened, he found pieces of his fence, which butts up to Gaskins Rd., scattered throughout his yard.

"It was dark, but it’s clear from here I saw one person trying to fight to get out of the car," Acosta said.

That’s when Acosta said he saw a man pick up and smash pieces of wood against the fence "because he was angry."

[...] Acosta said he would not have recognized Wallace since he is not a basketball fan. He said the man was very tall, but admitted that he could not see the fleeing driver’s face.

Police are investigating the incident as a felony hit-and-run. Wallace is presumed innocent until proven guilty, of course, but this incident does serve as an unfortunate reminder of his arrest in 2011 for drunk driving and unlawful concealed weapon which eventually resulted in Wallace pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges.

(hat-tip: shawn.heath.94)