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Chauncey Billups wants front office position, not coaching role

Although it's widely believed that the veteran point guard would make a good head coach some day, Chauncey Billups is eyeing a front office position.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

When Maurice Cheeks was fired Sunday, a lot of people joked that the Pistons should transition veteran Chauncey Billups from seldom-used player to head coach. At least one person in the media thought that's why the Pistons re-signed him and that, if Joe Dumars had a plan, that's what he would do -- make Billups the coach.

Billups wants a front-office gig, though [Detroit News]:

He is flattered [people believe he can be a good coach], but Billups said he has his eye on the front office after he retires from the league.

"Of course I have been thinking about my future the last five years," Billups said. "I think a lot of people think that would be the natural progression because of what I do on the court. But if I had my desire I want to be in the front office and put the team together and be behind the scenes rather than being on the court every day."

The Pistons have already had discussions with Billups about a front-office position when he's done playing.

What say you? DBB reader  V. also posted this in the FanShots and he thinks Billups could make an outstanding GM. J Dre linked another article with the same quote in the comments of another thread to which TDP amusingly replied:

Wouldn't that be fucking awesome if it was Chauncey's turn to send Dumars packing?

Yes, poetic justice at its finest indeed.

Now, your thoughts.